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July, 2021

16th Annual Widows Outreach

Oba Anambra State, Nigeria

We annually reach out to widows every year to encourage them and share with them the love of God, teaching them to face the challenges with widowhood amongst other, most importantly empowering them to begin small scale business t take care of the family.

November, 2021

Orphanage Outreach

Orphanages within the FCT Metropolis, Nigeria

We reach to orphanages within the Abuja metropolis to provide them with victuals to support the orphanage management’ effort in making the world a better place.

Ongoing Scholarship

We're sponsoring the less privileged in the Nigerian University

Nigerian Universities

We currently have 12 undergraduate students in different Nigerian universities(Public) of their choice and have 10 Graduants from inception till date, still counting…

Appeal For Support

We're soliciting for Help so we can reach out to more

Across Nigerian

Considering our success stories written for the past 15 years of outreaches(Self Sponsored), we’re planing to expand and increase the number of widows we reach out yearly for life support and revolving loan, the Undergraduates we sponsor in the Nigerian universities and the Orphanages we visit in a year. This requires more financing and staffing. Be kind by supporting this movement in other that Together We Can Make The World a Better Place For All Humanity.