The foundation is presently:

  • Covering tuition fees for 15 persons in Nigerian universities, with a record of 10 graduates trained by the foundation.
  • Empowering widows, by helping them learn vocational skills and provision of financial resources to help set up small scale businesses
  • Provisions of victuals and support for 6 orphanages in Nigeria
  • Organising motivational and leadership development seminars in rural areas of Nigeria, emphasising the importance of the girl child education
  • Creating health awareness for women, educating them about HIV and AIDS, malaria during pregnancy, breast and cervical cancers.
  • Organising yearly free medical outreaches in the rural areas of eastern Nigeria, with free medical consultations and provision of drugs for indigent patients with diabetes, Hypertension, arthritis and vision-related disorders.

What We Do

Stigma Of Widowhood
Stigma Of Widowhood
You Can Smile Again,
We increase awareness against Stigma of Widowhood, help the widows fight against being oppressed and abused and Encourage emancipation of the girl child in rural areas of Nigeria.
Scholarship Schemes
Scholarship Schemes
Education For Every Child,
We create additional scholarship schemes for the indigent children such that Primary, Secondary and University levels of Education can be covered. This programme is designed for those that are financially unable to sponsor themselves to school.
Health Awareness
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Empowerment Programmes
Empowerment Programmes
You can make it,
We provide more empowerment programmes for the widows and girl child. T hi programmes includes: rehabilitation centres for women(widows) that have been sexually and domestically abused in the rural areas of Nigeria.
Leadership Development
Leadership Development
Stand up,
We organise motivational and leadership development seminars in the rural ears of Nigeria; making emphasis on the importance of the girl child education.
Aids and Victuals
Aids and Victuals
Feed a Child,
We provide more aids and victuals for orphan children especially in the northern part of Nigeria to compliment the selfless efforts of the orphanage management.

Help Us Reach Out

There’re different ways to reach out to the less Privileged; Volunteer or Donate through:
Account Name: Engr. Daniel Madu Nzelu Education Foundation.
Account Number: 1019924594